Madrid - 1962





Bachelor of Fine Arts. Specialty: Restoration of Works of Art.

1st, 2nd and 3rd ARCHITECTURE IS courses in Madrid.

Doctoral courses in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Professor of Drawing at the School J. VILLANUEVA DE

Currently Professor of Drawing and watercolor landscape in the House of Culture of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Courses in Escurialense Institute of Historical and Research.

Course Workshop Palazuelo.

Recorded Course in CC. San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

Since 2005. Creator, editor and contributor to the magazine and Engraving Edition





1993 Exhibition of Engraving. Gallery 37. Madrid.

1986 Circle Living D'ART Catalan Madrid.

1989 Centro Cultural La Lonja. Madrid.

1994 Gallery Stampa. Milan.

1995 "Blue State". Gallery Progress. Madrid.

1997 C C:. "La Torre". Guadarrama. Madrid.

1998 Gallery "Palace Ferraques". Saint-Quentin. France.

CC Exhibit Hall 1999 San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

2001 Harmonic Row. Madrid.

2002 Gallery "Kedelhuset". Denmark.

CC Exhibit Hall 2003 San Lorenzo de El Escorial (biennial exhibition).

2004 Gallery Jacoz'art. Barcelona.

2005 Gallery Jacoz'art. Barcelona.

2006 Alvaro Sellés gallery. Madrid

2010. Gallery Inés Barrenechea.Madrid

2012.Casa Miñana. El Escorial (July)





1995 "La Lonja". Madrid

Gallery 1996 Nolde. Navacerrada. Madrid

1999 National Prize Drawing "Penagos"

2000 Tissemidl Rabat Man

2001 BMW Prize. Madrid.

2002 Arrow. Contemporary Art Fair.

2003 Gallery Bagelux. Madrid

2005 ARROW. Contemporary Art Fair Arrow 05. Madrid.

2005 STAMP 05. With the CC San Lorenzo de El Escorial.

2006 Arrow 06

2006.ILO Incoart. General Arrando

Engraving Awards 2006 SLEE

2006 STAMP 06.


2011. Rod-art. Valencia

2012 Fleha 2012. Madrid

2012. Open studies. SL Escorial.

2012 Ann Louise. Nvansväg. Sweden.



National Library of Spain.

Cañabate Ortiz Collection.

Generalitat de Catalunya.

Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation. Mallorca.

CISM Foundation

Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes. Lisbon.

Lobo Antunes Foundation. Lisbon.

"Washington" National Museum. USA.

Mint Foundation. Madrid.