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Artists:  MALOTTE & RAE

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DEBORAH MALOTTE & PAMELA RAE  are Southern California based collaborative artists focusing on creating works infused with color, texture, and form.  They are recognized for their combination of metal, patina, wood and resin/bronze figures.

Metal Wall Pieces, Deborah Malotte:

The complex process involves preparing the copper or steel to receive a variety of patinas.  Intricate patinaeted colors are achieved with a torching technique, a variety of chemicals, and by layering colors.  Malotte spent many years developing the formulas she uses to create her unusual patinas.  Because of the humidity, temperature and other variables, each piece becomes a unique creation.

Figuative Sculptures, Pamela Rae:

The figuative scuptures relate to each other on many levels.  Some seem to know each other, while others just show curiosity about the adjoining pieces.  Each figure is individually sculpted in resin with wire armatures.  The texture and finish of the pieces emulate cast bronze, but scultping in resin allows creative freedom resulting in a one-of-a-kind sculpture for each figure.

Malotee & Rae's imagery evokes references to natural and man-made environments with communication as a prominent theme.  These unique collaberative works have an earthly feel while still exhibiting the elements of contemporary art.