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Image description
Congratulations to our artist Tracy Lynn Pristas.  
She is the recipient of a 2014 Direct Purchase Award from The Montana Arts Council. This was a national call for visual artists for interior artwork to be chosen for the newly renovated Montana State University in Bozeman MT, Gaines Hall permanent art collection.  The building will provide state-of-the-art instructional labs for undergraduate students in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, earth sciences, and physics. One hundred and forty six artists form around the U.S applied.  The professional selection committee named Pristas and one other painter for direct purchase awards.  Three semi - finalist sculptors were elected for the foyer sculpture commission. Exact site for the Pristas original oil painting is still to be determined.


While I am not interested in copying nature like a camera I do use it as a starting point for a composition. I have always been intrigued by nature, patterns, color, puzzles, healing modalities, and the power of the intuitive process. In addition to being a professional artist. I am also a certified yoga instructor and certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki is a Japanese system for channeling universal life force energy to someone or something for the purpose of healing. The influence of these two practices contribute to the tranquility and balance felt in my artwork. An important factor as to why my original oils have been commissioned through art consultants for numerous projects throughout the US. In traditional landscape painting the goal of the artists is to capture on canvas the exact outward appearance of the natural beauty before him. The viewer of this type of painting responds to it as a pleasurable reminder of a scene previously enjoyed in nature. My intent is for the observer to have an uplifting positive emotional response to my abstract landscapes and perhaps a memory association. My viewers are interested in the sophistication, beauty, spirit, hints of nature, colors, and rich textures found in my artwork. Through a complex layering process I turn visual stimuli into an arrangement on canvas that affects oneʼs emotions directly, not by mirroring natural beauty but by creating a new composition infused with reiki healing energies. The textures, colors and forms become a creation themselves enticing the viewer into the artwork and elevating

their consciousness. I am painting landscape from the inside, this is a nonrepresentational approach to a traditional genre, examining the way that nature enters the work of art subconsciously in response to the sheer act of painting. In additional to my original oils, I also create monotypes on archival paper they are very popular with art consultants. For the design industry I have a lower price point product line of licensed fine art giclees with the company Cloudwatchers under the name.